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DUI? We Know Just How You Feel…

Not good. The moment you saw those flashing lights in your rear-view mirror, you felt a sudden dread – almost like ice-water filling your veins.  Is your life about to be turned upside-down? Did you have one drink too many?

The officer says you did. And now, no matter what happens next… no matter how bright the sunshine might be tomorrow morning… there’s a dark cloud hanging over you.

But It Could Get Worse… MUCH Worse


Too many times, we meet decent, hard-working defendants whose happy lives have been assaulted by a DUI charge. Often, it’s because we meet them TOO LATE.

We know the last thing you want to think about today is having been charged with DUI. But that dark cloud is not going to go away by itself! In fact, there are people working today to make things MUCH worse for you. The professionals in the “system,” from law enforcement officers to prosecuting attorneys to the courts themselves, are NOT on your side.  And they are counting on your ignorance of the law’s subtle provisions to make their case easy.

While you’re worrying, the clock is ticking.  And their case is getting easier and easier. You need professionals on YOUR SIDE, right away.

You need the best Denver DUI attorney you can find!

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You’ve Got Hours, Not Weeks

You may have less than seven days to get your DUI defense team working on your behalf to minimize the damage this thing will do to your life.

Here’s what could happen to you now:

DUI Jail Time

Jail Time

Up to 2 years
DUI Community Service

Community Service

Up to 96 hours
DUI Loss of Driving Privileges

Loss of Driving Privilege

Up to 2 years
DUI Interlock Device

Car Interlock Device

Up to 3 years
DUI Fines & Court Costs

Fines and court costs

Up to $2000
DUI Alcohol Classes

Alcohol Classes

Up to over a year of classes
DUI Job Effects

Negative Job Effects

Even Loss of Employment
  • Jail Time
    Up to two years
  • Fines and court costs
    Up to $2000
  • Community Service
    Up to 96 hours
  • Alcohol Classes
    Up to over a year of classes
  • Loss of Driving Privilege
    Up to 2 years
  • Negative Job Effects
    Even Loss of Employment
  • Car Interlock Device
    Up to 3 years

… And the chance of any – or ALL – of these things happening to you goes UP with each hour you delay.

We know how you feel.  Worried… anxious… even frightened.

But call 303‑404‑7492 NOW.  We’ll get things moving in the right direction for YOU, right away.

I’m Emilio De Simone, I know what you’re going through, and I WILL help you make the best of the bad situation in which you find yourself TODAY.

Any Denver DUI attorney reviews your case, quotes you a (high!) fee, and promises to help… but can they really bring you all the help you need?

Here are some of the things we bring to YOUR side of the fight that others don’t:

  • WE BRING extensive training in the science the other side is attempting to use to put you away.  Did they make mistakes, or cut corners, when they tested your blood or breath?  If they did, we’ll find their flaws.  We know the science.  We have the kind of extensive knowledge in gas chromatography and related tests that many other DUI attorneys don’t have, and can’t bring to bear on your behalf.

  • WE BRING exceptional knowledge of the law, including the subtleties the other side is relying on you not to know or care about.

  • WE BRING deep experience in cases just like yours. We’ve defended hundreds of cases, successfully helping our clients get the best possible outcome from a bad situation.

  • And WE BRING more than one attorney to the table with you! If your case goes to court, you’ll have two attorneys with you at all times. You – and your case – will come across as professional, supremely-prepared, well-meaning, and deserving of that best outcome.

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We will make you look like you paid much more for your DUI defense
than you’ll have to pay with DUI Law Firm Denver. 

And we promise to work hard to make sure your interests are protected to the full extent of the law.

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