Attorneys Still Important Even in Seemingly Minor Misdemeanor Cases

No matter what kind of predicament you’ve found yourself in, being charged with any type of crime can be overwhelming. Even if it is a seemingly minor offense, you are likely frightened about the consequences and overreaching impact on your life. When you are charged for a criminal act, depending on what crime you’ve committed and how seriously it is viewed by the law, will determine if you face a misdemeanor or felony charge.  You may already be aware that misdemeanors are less serious than felony charges.  Regardless of the charges associated with a specific illegal activity, no crime should not be taken lightly as it will bring with it unpleasant consequences.

Long-Reaching Consequences

On paper, misdemeanors may seem less significant than a felony. While there is some truth to this statement, it is important to consider the full impact that any criminal conviction carries.  

Typically, misdemeanor consequences are not as harsh as felony penalties.  In general, misdemeanors are considered lesser charges in comparison to felonies.  Despite this, did you know that even a misdemeanor could have a serious impact on your personal life?

For example, landlords and employers are legally permitted to conduct a criminal background check on you prior to hiring you or renting to you.  If you have been convicted of any crime (even if it was a misdemeanor) this will show up on a background check.  The job and housing market is tough in the current climate.  Having an unfavorable criminal history makes it likely that a potential landlord or employer may choose another candidate with a spotless record over you.  You may be forced to take a lower-paying job or housing in a skeevy part of town simply because your record causes you to be passed over for better opportunities.

The worst part about being convicted of a crime is your record sticks with you for the rest of your life.  There is no fresh slate after a few years have passed; instead, your crime will be part of your permanent record that follows you all throughout life.  It is very unlikely you will be able to have your records expunged unless your case has unique circumstances that make it eligible for expungement.  For most people, this won’t be an option and a conviction may negatively impact them for the rest of their life.  Thus, with so much at stake, having an experienced attorney to help have your charges lessened or thrown out is of fundamental importance for your future.

A competent defense attorney will review the specific details of your case and ensure there is adequate evidence for the charges to hold water. A skilled attorney can ensure your rights were not violated, and you are treated fairly. If the attorney can prove sufficient evidence is not present, the prosecution will have no choice but to dismiss your case. Criminal defense lawyers are skilled at understanding the law and fighting for you to ensure a better outcome for your future. 

If you or someone you love is facing a misdemeanor charge, don’t buy the lie that these charges are no big deal. Allow the experts to review your case and help form a strong defense for your case!