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How Will A DUI Impact My CDL?

How Will A DUI Impact My CDL? Those holding a CDL license are responsible for driving some of the largest vehicles, often times across the country. With great power, comes great responsibility. Due to the increased risk to the public should such a person choose to drive under the influence, being charged with DUI has [...]

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Sexual Assault in Relationships

Sexual Assault in Relationships Sexual assault in a relationship may seem like a contradictory statement.  After all, most romantic relationships, particularly marital relationships imply a sexual relationship.  Despite this, it is possible to sexually assault a romantic partner as Colorado law dictates that consent be required even if two people are married to one another.  [...]

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DUI and DUID Many people are familiar with DUI, but question what is DUID?  If you are wondering what the difference is between a Colorado DUI and DUID it comes down to a one distinct difference: alcohol verses drugs.  However, you will face charges for DUI if you are arrested while under the influence of [...]

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DUI With Child Endangerment

DUI With Child Endangerment Being charged with a DUI is serious and will result in a myriad of negative consequences.  If you decide to drive drunk with a child in the car (i.e. any minor under age 16 whether it is your child or someone else’s) your consequences will suddenly be even more severe.  In [...]

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Assault Charges with A Deadly Weapon

Assault Charges with A Deadly Weapon Assault with a deadly weapon describes the act of intentionally harming another person with a deadly or dangerous weapon.  In some cases, even if you only threaten violence with a deadly weapon you may be charged with assault with a deadly weapon.  This is typically in cases where you [...]

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Colorado Drug Trafficking Explained

Colorado Drug Trafficking Explained When you hear the term drug trafficking, what comes to mind?  Do you think of elaborate drug networks with dealers transporting hefty amounts of various illicit substances?  This is most often what people understand drug trafficking to be.  While this understanding is not incorrect, there are many other legal breaches that [...]

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What Are DUI Checkpoints?

What Are DUI Checkpoints? A DUI checkpoint is a legal stop made by law enforcement where they can assess whether drivers are behind the wheel under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  Other names for DUI checkpoints include, sobriety checkpoint and DUI roadblock.  Typically, law enforcement stops people using a randomized pattern to check any [...]

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What is DUI Probation?

What is DUI Probation? DUI probation is a consequence of a DUI conviction. This consists of supervised and unsupervised probation. If you face a conviction for DUI or DWAI, some type of probation will be nearly unavoidable. Mandatory probation will be required for any second time or more offender.  It is at the courts discretion [...]

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Is sexual assault a felony?

Is sexual assault a felony? Sexual assault in Colorado is a very serious offense.  While certain sexual crimes may incur a less serious misdemeanor charge, a charge of sexual assault will carry with it a felony charge ranging in severity between class 6 felony and up to a class 2 felony.  Don’t be fooled, all [...]

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