Can DUI Be Sealed?

Can DUI Be Sealed?

After receiving a DUI conviction, many people become keenly aware of the negative repercussions this carries into one’s future.  Thus, this leaves most people asking if there is anyway their DUI can be sealed.  The short version is that yes, it is possible for DUI records to be sealed in some instances, but only in certain situations.  As a rule, Colorado only allows the sealing of DUI cases under very specific criteria. Juvenile cases are handled more leniently and rather than being sealed, they are expunged.

How Will Sealing Records Help Me?

In cases where the sealing of a DUI record the information will no longer be available to the prying eyes of potential employers or others who run a background check on you.  You will also have the freedom to claim no criminal record if asked by a potential employer.  This can be particularly beneficial to your future, as removing a criminal record provides you with additional opportunities for education and employment.

How Do I Qualify for Sealing a DUI Record?

When investigating whether your specific case will qualify for sealing, it is best to review the unique details of your case with a qualified Colorado DUI attorney.  This gives you the best chance at finding a viable case for sealing.

Cases that can be sealed are those meeting specific criteria such as a lack of charges filed after an arrest for DUI, DUI charges that were dismissed, or being tried and subsequently acquitted of a DUI charge.

What Circumstances Surrounding My DUI Will Disqualify Me from Sealing my record?

If you are convicted of a DUI charge or choose to plead guilty to DUI, your records will no longer be eligible for sealing.  In such cases, no amount of legal counsel will be able to help seal your records, instead, you will be tied to a permanent criminal record.  Be aware that in cases where you have only been arrested or charged with DUI, but were never convicted, a criminal record still exists and will show up on a criminal background check if your record has not been sealed.

My Case is Eligible to be sealed, How Do I Go About Moving the Process Forward?

If you believe your case is eligible to be sealed, the first step to moving the process forward will be to file a petition with the court system.  Additionally, it will be imperative that you provide necessary documentation at the time of filing.  After the courts have reviewed your petition, if they do not find a reason to disqualify your request, you may be notified of a pending hearing date.  During the hearing, you have your chance to present your case and argue to seal your DUI record.

Be Aware That Records May Still Be Available Under Pertinent Circumstances

While it is true that sealing will prevent access to your records.  Under very specific circumstances, your records may be accessed even after being sealed.  Not to fear, your future boss will not be able to view these records.  Only specific persons such as law enforcement agencies or other qualified persons, who have court orders to view the records will be privy to such information.

Don’t hesitate to contact a skilled DUI attorney to see if your case qualifies to be sealed!