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Theft Verses Robbery

Theft Verses Robbery When speaking about theft and robbery, many people mistakenly use these terms interchangeably. While similar in nature, these offenses have some distinct differences. A Colorado theft charge is serious in nature, but a Colorado robbery charges carries with it much more significant consequences. The defining difference between the two is the use [...]

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What is DUI Probation?

What is DUI Probation? DUI probation is a consequence of a DUI conviction. This consists of supervised and unsupervised probation. If you face a conviction for DUI or DWAI, some type of probation will be nearly unavoidable. Mandatory probation will be required for any second time or more offender.  It is at the courts discretion [...]

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What is Driving Under Restraint in Colorado?

What is Driving Under Restraint in Colorado? Driving under restraint in Colorado can be defined as driving despite having your license denied, suspended, revoked, or restrained in any state.  Thus, this law is applicable to both those residing in Colorado, as well as non-residents.  If you are pulled over while driving under restraint you may [...]

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Denver’s 2018 DUIs Could Be Decreasing

Denver’s 2018 DUIs Could Be Decreasing While it might not seem like the year is almost half way through, it is. Most can hardly believe the year is already in May and is quickly heading towards the half way mark. And while 2018 has brought with it many changes, it could be bringing one more—DUI [...]

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The App that Could Save You from Getting a DUI

The App that Could Save You from Getting a DUI I get it. You’ve been out all night with your friends, sipping on beer, or sharing a few bottles of wine. One drink leads to another and soon you’re trying the imported ales that Dan ordered, or sipping on the freshly poured Cabernet Sauvignon that [...]

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