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Domestic Violence Arrests and Charges

When faced with a domestic violence or domestic abuse charge, the consequences are serious. You need immediate legal representation to put you in the best position. We offer aggressive legal representation for clients accused of domestic violence.

We help each client understand your legal rights and options. We walk you through the legal process to help protect you and your future. Domestic violence charges have a huge impact on your family, your finances and your freedom. With the right defense, you give yourself a better chance in court.

What is Domestic Violence in Colorado?

Colorado considers domestic violence an act or threatened act of violence against a person the accused has an intimate relationship with. An intimate relationship includes partners, spouses, ex-spouses, ex-partners, co-parents and co-habitants.


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Penalties for Domestic Violence in Colorado

Domestic violence charges may occur along with other charges, like assault. If convicted of domestic violence in Colorado, the accused may face certain financial and legal repercussions.

  • Jail time

  • Domestic violence treatment programs

  • Restrictions for firearm ownership

  • House arrest

  • Probation

  • More serious felony charges if you have prior convictions

Protection Orders in Colorado

The courts take domestic violence charges seriously and you should too. Protection orders are one common result of a domestic violence charge or conviction. The terms and conditions of a protection order may include a mandate to maintain a certain physical distance from the alleged victim. However, the protection order can include other limitations.

The alleged victim may request a protection order. However, the court may also put a protection order in place. Even if the victim asks for removal of the order, the court has the final say. They may choose to keep the protection order in place.

We help our clients manage the complex process of protection orders. We know that protection orders cause hardships for the accused and your family. It is a financial burden if a family must pay for one spouse or parent to live in a different place due to a protection order.

Also, other issues, like help with the children or household responsibilities suffer.

Legal Experience You Can Trust

We know that not all domestic violence charges are valid. Sometimes arguments get loud or out of hand. A neighbor or other concerned citizen may contact the police. The police may arrest one of the involved people even though the situation or violation isn’t clear.

In these cases, we want to help you defend yourself and your family. We understand the law and have the experience to navigate the legal system. We know seeking legal help can feel overwhelming. That’s why we offer a free consultation.

We want you to feel confident we are the right Denver domestic violence attorneys to help you. We will use our knowledge and experience to provide the best defense for your specific case.

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