Is Shoplifting Theft or Robbery?

Is Shoplifting Theft or Robbery? Robbery and theft, although very similar in nature, carry with them very different consequences.  Thus, since theft and robbery are so similar, it merely takes a forcible action to escalate an instance of theft to robbery.  Although, shop lifting may seem minor to many, it is considered quite serious under [...]

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Is Indecent Exposure A Felony?

Is Indecent Exposure A Felony? Indecent exposure is a serious crime in Colorado.  Charges and penalties vary depending upon the specific circumstances of the case.  In most instances, a Colorado indecent exposure conviction will carry with it either a Class 1 Petty Offense or a Class 1 Misdemeanor.  While unusual, it is possible to find [...]

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Violent Crime Felony

Violent Crime Felony The state of Colorado does not take crimes of violence lightly.  These crimes are typically heinous in nature, often leading to the injury or demise of others.  Thus, the penalties for conviction of a Colorado violent crime(s) are understandably harsh.  If you are convicted of a violent crime in Colorado, you will [...]

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DUI With Property Damage

DUI With Property Damage Facing DUI charges, regardless of the circumstances comes with a variety of serious and severe repercussions. Anytime a DUI creates additional damage such as injury to another or property damage, consequences increase. It may be as simple as damaging property when your car crashes or it may involve hitting another vehicle [...]

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How Will A DUI Impact My CDL?

How Will A DUI Impact My CDL? Those holding a CDL license are responsible for driving some of the largest vehicles, often times across the country. With great power, comes great responsibility. Due to the increased risk to the public should such a person choose to drive under the influence, being charged with DUI has [...]

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Sexual Assault in Relationships

Sexual Assault in Relationships Sexual assault in a relationship may seem like a contradictory statement.  After all, most romantic relationships, particularly marital relationships imply a sexual relationship.  Despite this, it is possible to sexually assault a romantic partner as Colorado law dictates that consent be required even if two people are married to one another.  [...]

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DUI and DUID Many people are familiar with DUI, but question what is DUID?  If you are wondering what the difference is between a Colorado DUI and DUID it comes down to a one distinct difference: alcohol verses drugs.  However, you will face charges for DUI if you are arrested while under the influence of [...]

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DUI With Child Endangerment

DUI With Child Endangerment Being charged with a DUI is serious and will result in a myriad of negative consequences.  If you decide to drive drunk with a child in the car (i.e. any minor under age 16 whether it is your child or someone else’s) your consequences will suddenly be even more severe.  In [...]

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Assault Charges with A Deadly Weapon

Assault Charges with A Deadly Weapon Assault with a deadly weapon describes the act of intentionally harming another person with a deadly or dangerous weapon.  In some cases, even if you only threaten violence with a deadly weapon you may be charged with assault with a deadly weapon.  This is typically in cases where you [...]

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What Are Considered Violent Crimes?

What Are Considered Violent Crimes? In Colorado, there are a wide range of crimes that are considered to be violent crimes.  Violent crimes are always taken extremely seriously by the Colorado justice system, carrying with them mandatory jail time.  Violent crimes are typically severe crimes with devastating consequences, such as first-degree assault, kidnapping, sex offenses, [...]

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