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DUI Law Firm Denver brings a unique combination of knowledge, skills, and experience to the fight on your behalf:

  • We Know The Law.  Attorneys with DUI Law Firm Denver have compiled superb and impressive trial records.  In some cases, they’ve gone months at a time without losing a case, and have prevailed in cases other attorneys would’ve said couldn’t be won.

  • We Know The Science.  The DUI case the other side is preparing against you is based on science.  DUI Law Firm Denver brings superior knowledge of that science to your defense.  Our firm features lawyers with scientific credentials and designations other firms just don’t have.

  • We Know How To Win Since the firm’s very-first criminal defense trial, DUI Law Firm Denver has known one of the most powerful strategies is to make sure you’re represented in court by two attorneys.  Two heads are better than one.

  • We Know What You’re Going Through Since the moment you were pulled over, you’ve had a dark cloud hanging over you… because you know DUI can wreck your life.  But it could be a lot worse… the longer you delay, the lower your odds of getting the best outcome.


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An Outstanding Track-Record In The Court Room


DUI Law Firm Denver brings some of the most brilliant criminal defense minds to your case… pros who’ve seen it all, and who know how to attack the other side’s case on your behalf.

Seasoned attorneys like Trevor McFee and Dave Turner have distinctive expertise developed during their days in the Public Defender’s office.  Together with Emilio De Simone, they have all the know-how the other side is depending on you NOT to have.

Many DUI cases never go to trial.  The experts at DUI Law Firm Denver know how to do everything that can be done to get you the best possible outcome without having to appear in court.

But if the only way to get you that best outcome is to argue the case in court, DUI Law Firm Denver is not afraid to take your case to trial, where they’ll fight tenaciously to help you prevail.  They do it all the time.

Leading-Edge Knowledge Of The SCIENCE
The Other Side’s Using Against You

DUI Law Firm Denver’s Emilio De Simone is a former engineer whose unique combined expertise in forensic science and criminal law helps swing the odds in favor of the firm’s DUI clients.

Emilio De Simone is one of only two attorneys in Colorado (and the only attorney in the Denver area) who has earned the distinctive title “Lawyer Scientist,” as designated by the American Chemical Society.

He studied with the scientist who built the first gas chromatograph, years ago.

Emilio’s traveled all over the country, consuming cutting-edge knowledge and training as a member of the National College for DUI Defense.



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You’ll Have A Team Fighting For You In Court

Leveraging their deep knowledge of the system and their long-term relationships with key members of the justice community, the attorneys at DUI Law Firm Denver will fight aggressively to get you the best possible outcome from your DUI entanglement.

They’ll do the best any firm can do to get the matter resolved out-of-court.  But if that’s not possible, they’re not afraid to go to trial to get you that best possible outcome.

In fact, it’s firm policy to bring a two-lawyer team to sit beside you in court and work hard (and smart) to attack the other side’s case against you.  And that’s unique among Denver law firms.

Usually, only high-profile celebrities get more than one attorney to defend them in court.

If your case goes to trial, your legal defense team from DUI Law Firm Denver will make you come across as though you have the best defense money can buy… because you will have.

Your defense will be solid.  It may seem as though you invested far more than you’ll have to pay with DUI Law Firm Denver at your side.

“It’s probably not the best business policy, since we don’t charge for the second attorney,” says Emilio De Simone, “but two heads really are better than one.”


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