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Emilio and his partners are exceptional attorneys, I had a DUI a few years ago with some additional complications and the case was handled with expedience and skill. Do yourself a favor and choose this firm to handle things for you.


When I received my DUI, it was one of the toughest challenges I had to face.  I knew I needed an experienced criminal law attorney to help get me through the court process.  After meeting with Emilio and his entire team I knew I was in great hands.  Their knowledge about the law combined with years of experience made me feel extremely confident going though this difficult time.  The DUI Law Firm team walked me through every step in a timely fashion, never leaving my side, making it a successful outcome. I am extremely grateful for what they had accomplished for me.


My World changed dramatically in September 2017. I had never been in any sort of trouble with the law and now I was being cited for a DUI. I was scared, nervous, and had no idea what to do. I made the choice to contact an attorney, and DUI Law Firm Denver information was sent to me by a friend. I called Emilio right away to discuss my case.

The very first time we talked Emilio took almost an hour to listen to what was happening and offered specific recommendations to help me battle through this process. At that point I decided to hire Emilio and we began a long, almost 6 month journey, to resolve the issues surrounding this DUI.

Faced with very few options to help me mitigate my impending punishments, DUI Law Firm Denver never gave up helping me to fight as hard as we could for the best possible outcome in court. He made suggestions along the way that I truly believe turned the tides of this case. To the very end he stood beside me, believed in my story, and fought to help me in any way he could, even though he was pressed against a pretty solid wall.

At the end of it all, given what could have happened, I was very satisfied to come out of this with hope for a brighter future. I am taking the steps necessary to get back on track and without Emilio’s help I would have been doomed to a much greater punishment.


I was charged with my second DUI in August, shortly after leaving college. As a second offense, I felt it prudent to hire an attorney and was recommended to DUI Law Firm Denver. I thought I would lose my license. Amazingly, Emilio De Simone and his team managed to get it reduced to reckless driving. I cannot be more thankful for the invaluable help that DUI Law Firm Denver has been.


DUI Law Firm Denver is excellent. Emilio De Simone and his team are intelligent, professional, honest, and trustworthy. Not only did they successfully handle my DUI charge, but they also dealt with other related issues. I highly recommend them for all your legal problems.


Firstly, I would like to thank DUI Law Firm Denver for successfully representing me in my Adams County DUI case. The level of experience, scientific knowledge, dedication (I had both Emilio and Trevor representing me), and preparedness made all the difference during my trial. I highly recommend them. They are the BEST!


DUI Law Firm Denver did an awesome job. I thought I was in serious trouble, but they got my DWAI case dismissed. I am just so happy that I was referred to them. They were always on top of my case. In particular, Mr De Simone was always on hand whenever I needed him for help and advice. I now keep his business card with me all the time.


I have used the services of this firm multiple times in the past and my experience has always been outstanding. Emilio speaks openly and honestly at all times. I would, and do, recommend his services to friends and family.

Emilio was a huge help with my case. I never expected to find somebody who was so knowledgeable and professional. He knew so much about the law there was never a doubt that he was going to get me the best possible outcome. I cannot thank him enough.

Emilio was fantastic throughout my ordeal. He was always available, honest, and professional. His expertise and knowldge have no equal. I have never been in trouble before so I was extremely nervous, but Emilio knew exactly what he was doing and was able to clearly explain all possible outcomes. My case was dismissed with no fines or fees – the perfect outcome. I strongly recommend their services.

If you’re reading this, please learn from my mistakes. Even if people are telling you to make a deal with the DA and avoid a lawyer to save money, do NOT take their advice. I’ve never had a lawyer my entire life (I should have) but now I’m never going to court without Emilio. I was told by the DA I would have 10 days house arrest if I pled guilty, and during sentencing, I was given 1035 days jail for DWAI in 3 staggered sentences. My heart dropped when I heard that from the judge. After sentencing (my mistake) I quickly started calling around Colorado for DUI attorneys. Emilio was BY FAR the most knowledgeable and he definitely has an attitude you want on your side when going to court. Emilio and his team started working on the case, found an error, and was able to bring my first sentence from 120 days to 30 days. He was on my side the entire way and loved his ambition to help. His number is saved in my phone and I am proud to call him “my attorney.” Learn from my mistakes, don’t say anything when you’re pulled over, even if it’s the truth or the “right thing to do” and immediately call Emilio no matter what you’re going to court for. You want him on your side as soon as possible. He is the best, well priced for the dedication, and there is nobody else you want defending you anytime you have to go to court. I gave his number to all of my friends and family in case they ever want a lawyer who actually cares about your case and knows what he is doing. THANK YOU EMILIO and ASSOCIATES! Best lawyer BY FAR and my new lawyer for LIFE! 🙏

My daughter was in jeopardy of losing her driver’s license, but with Emilio De Simone’s diligent work of defense, she was able to keep her license. I highly recommend his services!

Emilio and his staff are top notch look no further for representation