Denver DUI Private Lawyer vs Public Defender

What’s the difference?

Public Defender

If you’ve been charged with a Denver DUI, then you have two choices when it comes to working with a lawyer—You can either work with a public defendant, or hire a specialized DUI attorney.

It’s no secret that there’s a lot to think about in this decision because your decision may ultimately define the outcome of your case. So, allow me to shed some light on the situation.

First of all: what’s the difference between a private lawyer and a public defender?

A public defender is usually the attorney assigned to you by the court if you can’t afford a lawyer yourself. They typically come from the public defender’s office. If there are none available for you, then you may be appointed a panel attorney—a private lawyer who is paid by the court to represent you. There is no way to know which one you will be assigned and you do not get a choice in the matter.

A DUI private lawyer, on the other hand, is an attorney who’s practice emphasizes the defense of the DUI charges that you are facing. When you hire a private attorney, you have 100% control over who represents you from a large pool of potential candidates. Not only that, but you can expect more time and attention than those who use public defenders as many people being represented by a public defender complain of the lack of attention and busy schedule according to

What will each lawyer offer you?

Working with both a public defendant and a private lawyer will give you access to legal knowledge and resources you would otherwise be unaware of. Since every DUI case is different, hiring someone who knows how to navigate your case could make all the difference. Any oversight made by untrained eyes can have a devastating effect on you long after the case is over.

While the facts of your case look straight forward to you, they look very different to an experienced Denver DUI lawyer. DUI laws are complicated and DUI lawyers are specifically trained in looking for viable defenses or potential ways to minimize the consequences of your arrest.

While public defenders work for the government, private lawyers work for themselves or a private firm and have often crafted their legal knowledge into a fine-tuned skill set. Working with such a lawyer can give you the ultimate advantage when it comes to tackling your DUI charge.

If you’re facing DUI charges and are unsure of whether to hire a private lawyer, contact our DUI Denver Law firm today for a free consultation. At our Denver DUI law firm, we offer the expertise of a top law team and will make sure your charges are given the expertise and attention they deserve.