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If you’re facing a drug-related criminal charge in Denver, you probably know that the consequences of a conviction will likely have a major impact on your life.

Despite what many see as a “drug friendly” reputation (due to the state’s recent legalization of marijuana for both medicinal and recreational uses), Colorado takes drug crime very seriously.  This may be particularly true in the Denver area, where the large and growing population puts the city firmly on the radar of law enforcement and prosecutors.

And it’s not just about pot.  In Denver, prosecutors have brought serious cases involving everything from coke to crack and from illegal prescription drugs to psychedelic mushrooms.

Whether you face a full-blown drug related charge, or you merely find yourself “under investigation,” you need the best team of legal and scientific experts on your side of the fight.

Let the seasoned pros at DUI Law Firm Denver bring the best possible defense to your drug-related case.


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Superior Expertise In DUID Defense

denver marijuanaWith the legalization of medicinal and recreational marijuana use in Colorado, the incidence of DUID charges (Driving Under the Influence of Drugs) is on the rise throughout the state and in Denver.

DUID is similar to DUI: the charge is that your use of drugs (any drugs) has rendered you incapable of properly driving.  Also, as is the case with alcohol charges, there is a “lesser” charge of DWAID (Driving While Ability Impaired By Drugs), in which case you’re alleged to be impacted to the “slightest degree” by your use of drugs.

Some things you should know if you’re charged with DUID:

  • The penalties for DUID are similar to those for DUI: significant loss of money, time, freedom, and reputation (to name a few)

  • It’s harder to test for drug impairment than for alcohol impairment.  You’re considered under the influence of drugs if there are at least five nanograms of THC per milliliter of blood in your system… but the blood tests will detect THC levels long after you’ve ingested marijuana (and long after the drug’s effects would have ceased to impair your ability to drive).

  • The prosecution is counting on your ignorance of the law and the science in a DUID case… don’t make their job easier!  Call us today to put the best experts on your side.

Our Team Has Successfully Defended All Kinds Of Pot-Related Cases

Marijuana-related charges aren’t limited to DUID cases

  • Marijuana Possession: In Colorado, possession of small amounts of marijuana, transferring small amounts to others (without being paid to do so), and growing a few plants are all permissible without penalty.  But when the allegation against you is for higher amounts (possession of more than 1-2 ounces or cultivation of more than six plants), or if you’re charged with distributing pot for money, the consequences of conviction are severe… and they escalate as the amount of marijuana involved increases.

  • Possession by a Minor: A child charged with marijuana possession can face severe penalties, as well.  The first charge might not land a child in detention… but subsequent charges can carry very serious consequences for a young person’s future.  Protect your child’s future by securing the best legal/scientific expertise you can get.


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Whatever the charge, it’s likely we can help you… and it’s likely DUI Law Firm Denver is your best choice to get the most favorable outcome for your case.

As former public defenders, our expert attorneys have seen it all… from charges involving drug manufacturing, sales and trafficking to abuse and illegal distribution of pharmaceuticals, DUI Law Firm Denver has significant experience in fighting on behalf of the rights of our clients and getting them the best resolution possible.

And with a staff that includes experts not only in the law, but in the science the other side uses to prosecute you, you can’t make a better choice than DUI Law Firm Denver for your drug defense.

Don’t go it alone!

In fact, with DUI Law Firm Denver, if you are faced with a drug charge that has to go to trial, you’ll have not one, but two expert attorneys appearing with you in court.  Two heads are better than one!  And since the firm’s policy is not to charge you for the second attorney, DUI Law Firm Denver represents the best possible value for your defense.


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