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Drug charges carry serious consequences in Colorado. Don’t risk your freedom or your rights. Partner with the drug defense attorneys at DUI Law Firm Denver. We use our knowledge of the law and science to build a strong defense.

Colorado legalized both medicinal and recreational use of marijuana. Yet, Colorado is not a drug-friendly state. Colorado takes drug crimes very seriously. This is particularly true in the Denver area. As the population grows, law enforcement and prosecutors seek to control drug possession with more vigilance.

Pot isn’t the only risk. Prosecutors have brought serious cases involving other controlled substances, like cocaine and illegal possession of prescription drugs. Whether you face drug charges or find yourself under investigation, you need a knowledgeable and determined legal team on your side of the fight.

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What Is a DUID Charge?

DUID stands for Driving Under the Influence of Drugs. Like with DUI charges, DUID carries stiff penalties. With the legalization of marijuana in Colorado, DUID charges have increased throughout the state for both residents and visitors.

A DUID charge applies when drug use of any kind renders you incapable of properly driving. As is the case with alcohol charges, there is a lesser charge of DWAID, Driving While Ability Impaired By Drugs, that applies to the slightest degree of impairment due to the use of drugs.

What Do I Need to Know When Charged with DUID?

If you are stopped under the suspicion of drug use while driving, do not share any information with law enforcement about what you consumed. You do not have any obligation to answer their questions.

  • The penalties for DUID are like those for DUI, including fines, jail time, loss of driving privileges, damage to your reputation, and the stress of facing criminal charges.

  • It’s harder to test for drug impairment than for alcohol impairment. Blood tests that show at least five nanograms of THC per milliliter of blood in your system signal impairment. However, blood tests detect THC levels long after the use of marijuana and when that usage would cease to impair your ability to drive.
  • The prosecution is counting on your ignorance of the law and the science in a DUID case. Know your rights and seek legal help immediately.

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DUID Charges

A breathalyzer does not work for drug use. Therefore, driving under the influence of drugs requires a blood test.

DUID charges not only apply to illegal drugs. If any drug use impairs your ability to drive, DUID may apply. For example, prescription drugs, inhaled glue or aerosols, marijuana, or illegal drugs all fall under the category of a DUID charge.

Typically, a first offense DUID charge is a misdemeanor charge. Like with DUI charges, DUID charges become a felony when involving an accident with an injury or death or for subsequent charges.

Penalties for First-Time DUID Conviction:

  • Up to one year in jail

  • Up to $1,000 in fines

  • Up to 96 hours of community service

  • License revocation

  • Points against your driver’s licenses

  • Drug or alcohol education classes

Marijuana Possession Criminal Charges

While marijuana is legal in Colorado, some restrictions apply. The law allows for possession of small amounts of marijuana, transferring small amounts to others without payment for the transfer, and growing a few plants.

However, to sell marijuana legally requires a state license. Otherwise, you risk criminal charges. Possession of more than one to two ounces, cultivation of more than six plants, or distributing pot for money carries severe consequences.

The penalties for marijuana crimes vary based on the volume of the drug or the number of plants. The penalties increase for larger volumes. If you face criminal charges for marijuana, you need a strong criminal defense team.

Minor Possession of Marijuana

Minors cannot possess any amount of marijuana under Colorado law. Any person under 21 years of age that uses, possesses, or sells marijuana risks criminal charges. For minors, even possession of drug paraphernalia can result in a charge.

Minor drug possession carries severe penalties. With the right defense team on your side, diversion programs are possible for a first offense. Even a first offense carries heavy penalties with the penalties increasing greatly for subsequent charges.

Penalties for Minor Drug Possession:

  • Fines
  • Drug Education Classes
  • Substance Abuse Treatment
  • Public Service

Unlawful Possession of a Controlled Substance

Whether a prescription drug or another drug, unlawful possession can result in criminal charges. The amount of the drug in possession impacts the penalties if convicted. For small amounts, probation or diversion programs are possible when you have the right defense team on your side.

The penalties vary greatly based on the volume of the drug and the type of drug, including felony drug charges and federal drug charges. It’s vital to understand your rights and the law in drug cases.

Penalties for Drug Possession:

  • Fines ranging from $1,000 to $100,000
  • Sentence for jail time or prison time

  • Probation or parole


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Do I Need A Defense Attorney for Drug Charges?

Yes! Even the lowest level charges can have a major impact on your life. Our defense attorneys understand Colorado drug laws, the criminal court process, and the science behind criminal drug charges.

We use our knowledge to develop a customized defense strategy based on the details of your case. We fight for your rights and freedom. If you choose to face charges without an experienced defense team, you risk high fines, incarceration, and other harsh penalties.

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Do I Need A Defense Attorney for Drug Charges?

Whatever the drug charge, we’re here to help. DUI Law Firm Denver is your best choice to achieve a positive outcome for your case.

As former public defenders, our expert criminal defense lawyers have seen all types of charges and circumstances. Our attorneys have extensive experience defending drug manufacturing, sales, trafficking, possession, DUID, and other drug charges. We know the law and have the technical expertise to fight your charges using the law and science.

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