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Charged with DUI?

We know how you feel… and it isn’t good.

It’s scary, frustrating, and humiliating to have that dark cloud hanging over your head.

But it could get MUCH worse if you don’t act NOW to get your team in place and start attacking the other side’s case against you.

Help – the best you can get – is a phone call away.  And DUI Law Firm Denver will give you the best VALUE for your best DUI defense… often about half what you might pay an attorney who has big advertising bills to pass along to his clients.

What To Do The Moment You’re Pulled Over

Denver DUIYour best chance against the DUI charge is not to make things easy for the other side:

  • DO NOT consent to roadside sobriety tests.
  • DO NOT tell the officer what you’ve had to drink.
  • DO NOT tell police when you were drinking.
  • If parked, DO NOT tell police when you last drove.

It’s scary… especially if you’ve never been in trouble with the law before… and, not knowing this advice, you might have given the police more information than you should’ve.

But know this…

All is not lost!

There is hope!

Call Emilio De Simone and his crack team of DUI defense attorneys.

The very best help you can get is on the way.

First, You Need To Know…

  • You only have SEVEN DAYS to get the ball rolling on your DUI Defense.  You may have only hours left before you WILL lose your driving privilege for at least several months.
  • The other side is working hard, right now, to put you away.  The professionals in the legal system are NOT on your side.  Don’t believe for a minute that they are there to help you.  WE ARE.
  • Their principal tool against you is forensic SCIENTIFIC evidence.  Their case will be built on blood and breath tests.  You need lawyers who KNOW the science and can ATTACK that case.
  • Your best defense comes from a TEAM of dedicated, experienced, tenacious lawyers who know how to fight aggressively on your behalf.  Why have one attorney when you can get “two heads are better than one” service for the same price?

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policeDUI Defense

  • To maximize your chances, you need a tenacious attorney, a brilliant scientist, and an experienced team of winners who know how to attack the other side’s case and win you the best possible outcome.

DUI Laws

  • Denver DUI laws are strict… your driving privileges, reputation, employment, freedom, money, and time are all at stake when you face a DUI charge… don’t trust your defense to just anyone.  And NEVER trust the other side.


  • DWAI (Denver)… Driving While Ability Impaired… this “lesser charge” can be filed if you ingested enough to be impaired to the “slightest degree”… but the penalties for DWAI can be just as severe as those for the “greater charge” of DUI.

Driving Under Restraint

  • Driving Under Restraint (Denver): If your license is suspended or revoked, and you get caught driving anyway, you could end up in jail… you need a team of attorneys who know the best ways to fight that disastrous outcome.

DMV Hearing

  • If you’re charged with DUI, you’re really fighting two cases at once: the criminal charge, and an administrative proceeding with the DMV… either or both could cost you your driving privilege, to say the least.

License Reinstatement

  • Driving privileges suspended or revoked?  Denver license reinstatement procedures and requirements can be tricky, so get the help you need… you may not be able to easily navigate the system… but with our help, reinstatement will be MUCH easier.



Remember, There Is Hope… But You Must Act NOW