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Even with the best representation you can get – tenacious, expert DUI defense like you’ll get with DUI Law Firm Denver – there is some likelihood that this charge will result In a loss of your driving privilege for some period of time.

If you refuse a chemical test of your Blood Alcohol Content (BAC), for instance, that refusal will work in your favor in the criminal proceeding to come – it removes one of the prosecution’s main weapons against you.

But in the administrative proceeding at the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV Hearing), there will be some pause in your driving privilege just because you refused that test.

But all is not lost.

The experts in law and science at DUI Law Firm Denver know how to get a reinstatement of at least some of your driving privilege.

The Joys Of Interlock Ignition Device Requirements

It’s possible to argue that total loss of your driving privilege would represent more than just an inconvenience… it would impose a severe hardship on you and your family.

It would take away your ability to get back and forth to work.

It would take away your family’s means of support.

But of course, everyone wants you to be safe out there on the road.  No more drinking and driving.

After a period of time, you’ll be able to get a “restricted license” that will enable you to drive again.  But it will come with some “fun” requirements.

Meet the interlock ignition device.

The interlock device is like a breathalyzer attached to your car (in fact, the requirement will be that you lease and install an interlock device on every car you own or drive).  You have to blow into the device – with clean, alcohol-free breath – to enable your car to start.

In some situations, you’ll also have to execute periodic “rolling blows” to show that you aren’t drinking while you’re driving.

And the device records every “blow,” and creates data reports to show whether you tried to start or drive your car with alcohol on your breath.

This data is reported to the DMV… and, if you mess up, you can say goodbye to your restricted license, too.

But wait: there’s more.

You will likely have some combination of other “fun” requirements, too, before they’ll grant you that restricted license:

  • You’ll have to buy a special certificate of insurance (an SR22 policy).

  • You’ll have to deal with lots of paperwork, from lease agreements to certificates and affidavits, relating to the interlock device installation.

  • You might even want to take your name off your spouse’s car, since you’ll be required to lease and install an interlock device on every car you “own or drive.”

  • You’ll be assigned to substance abuse classes, or even therapy.

  • You may have to retake all three driver’s exams (vision, written, road).

What a pain.

Make no mistake, it’s very inconvenient to have these probationary requirements in your life.

But when you consider the disastrous alternative – no driving privilege at all – it’s something you should be able to live with.


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Delays Can Weaken Your Case

You’ll Probably Get A Restricted License… But It’s Not Guaranteed

You may need the best legal team at your side to help you get even a partial reinstatement of your driving privilege.

Face it: a DUI charge is going to rudely elbow its way into your happy life, one way or another.

Things are going to change.

But if you go it alone, or get a sub-par defense, things are going to change for the MUCH worse.

Your best possible shot at the best possible outcome is to get the team of legal and scientific experts from DUI Law Firm Denver on your side.

We know the science – as well as anyone does.

(Emilio De Simone is one of the few attorneys who has earned the coveted “Lawyer Scientist” credential from the American Chemical Society… he studied with the scientist who built fhe first gas chromatograph in America… and he’s a member of the National College for DUI Defense.)

We know the law – as well as anyone does.

(Our firm features former public defenders… they’ve successfully fought and won hundreds of criminal cases of all kinds, getting those “best possible outcomes” for all varieties of people from all walks of life.)

And, if your case has to go to trial, we never send you into court with only one lawyer. Two heads are better than one, and with DUI Law Firm Denver, you get two smart attorneys for the price of one. While one is arguing, the other attorney is listening, thinking, and helping plan the next phase of your attack on the prosecution’s case.


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