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If you are caught driving with a suspended or revoked license, this is referred to as “Driving Under Restraint,” or DUR.  And you need to take it very seriously… especially if you were caught driving without a license because a law enforcement officer pulled you over on suspicion of drunk driving!

Our team of legal and science experts at DUI Law Firm Denver have deep experience with all kinds of DUI and traffic cases… and we fight to win.

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There Is Hope… You CAN Fight A DUR Charge

The DUR Case Against You

To begin with, the prosecution has to prove that you had knowledge that your license had been revoked or suspended.

There are several ways they can attempt to do this.

But we know a few legal theories that make it possible for us to fight back against a DUR charge.  Insufficient knowledge, emergency situations, and unconstitutional traffic stops are all arguments that might be made on your behalf.

You can try to go it alone, and argue for yourself that you didn’t have sufficient knowledge… but that’s often a fast road to trouble.

You have a much greater chance at a much better outcome if you let us argue the law on your behalf.


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There IS Hope… You CAN Fight A DUR Charge

The Consequences of DUR Conviction

DUR cases can be very complex.  Many different factors go into determining what consequences you might face for Driving Under Restraint.

The court will look at the specific “fact pattern” in your case:

  • Why was your license suspended or revoked?  Was the revocation or suspension alcohol- or drug-related?

  • Do you have any prior DUI or DUR convictions?

  • Can your legal team make a reasonable case for insufficient knowledge, an emergency situation, or an unconstitutional traffic stop?

  • Did the prosecution prove their case against you sufficiently?

It may go without saying, but the worse your “fact pattern” looks, the worse your consequences for a DUR conviction will be.

Even if it’s your first time, the suspension was not alcohol- or drug-related, and you swear up-and-down you didn’t know your license wasn’t valid, you can face UP TO six months in jail and UP TO $500 in fines.

On the other end of the spectrum, if this is not your first DUR, and your driving privilege was taken away because of DUI or DWAI, the potential penalties are much more severe.  You’d face 90 days to two years in jail, $500 to $3,000 in fines, and a four-year wait to get your driving privilege back.

And note: in these more-severe DUR cases, some jail sentence is absolutely mandatory… you will be incarcerated for some period of time.

How much time?  That may well depend on the quality of your defense, and on the experience and expertise of your legal team.

You Need The Best Defense You Can Get

The pros at DUI Law Firm Denver have tons of experience in cases like these.  They’re not afraid to go to court on your behalf… and they fight like hell to get you the best possible outcome.

DUI Law Firm Denver’s Emilio De Simone is an expert in both the law, and in the science the other side is using to try to put you away.  He literally has your defense down to a science.

And the firm’s former public defenders have seen it all.  Every kind of charge you can think of, leveled against every kind of defendant from all walks of life.  They know how to fight for your rights… and win the best possible outcome for your case.

And as if these weren’t powerful-enough reasons to engage DUI Law Firm Denver, the firm also offers the best service you’ll find anywhere, for an average overall cost.  If your case has to go to trial, you will get two attorneys sitting with you in court – not just one.  And since you won’t be charged for the second attorney, you’ll get the kind of representation usually reserved for high-profile celebrities… but at a fraction of the price a high-profile celebrity would pay!


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