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DUI Defense Denver – Your Trusted Source for DUI Defense in the Denver Metro Area

If you face a DUI charge in Denver, you deserve a criminal defense team with extensive knowledge of drunk driving cases. Our focus is on DUI cases backed by a detailed and extensive understanding of Colorado DUI laws.

Let us help you get your life back after a drunk driving charge. We go to work for you from the moment you reach out for help. From the time of arrest, we passionately defend you by aggressively attacking the case against you.

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Put our team on your side! Each attorney at DUI Law Firm Denver has the skills, training, experience and track record to confidently defend your case.

One of our attorneys, Emilio De Simone, is a brilliant former computer engineer. He pursued a career as an attorney because of his passion to help people and protect individual’s rights under the law.

He applies his technical and scientific training to each DUI defense strategy. He understands the science the other side will use against you. This empowers him to attack the weaknesses and mistakes of the testing procedures for drunk driving.

Our other attorneys were previously public defenders with hundreds of successful criminal defenses. When you work with DUI Law Firm Denver, you work with the best DUI lawyers in Denver. Whatever the other side throws against you, we’ve seen it and we’ve fought it!

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The Science Behind Your Drunk Driving Defense

When stopped under suspension for drunk driving, the law enforcement officer usually asks you to submit to a test of your breath or blood. The goal with these tests is to determine the blood alcohol content (BAC).

  • Breath Tests
    A breath analyzer test works by blowing into the breathalyzer to determine the concentration of alcohol in a person’s blood.

  • Blood Tests
    Blood tests usually use a finger prick to collect a small amount of blood to determine the level of alcohol in a person’s system.

The prosecution bases their case on the results of these tests. If you did not refuse the test, we build a defense to highlight the frequent mistakes and flaws of BAC tests.

These tests are not perfect. In many cases, the execution and interpretation of these tests include errors. They use mathematical formulas to make a scientific guess about the amount of alcohol in your bloodstream at the time of the stop. If they get the math wrong, the results aren’t reliable. We know the science to challenge that guess.


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Know Your Rights During a DUI Stop

When stopped for drunk driving you have certain rights to protect yourself

  • You do not have to answer the law enforcement officer’s questions.
  • You do not have to disclose any information about what you have consumed.
  • You have a right to refuse a field sobriety test.
  • You do not have to consent to a blood alcohol test. However, you may face consequences for this refusal.
  • You have a right to contact an attorney before you submit to any tests.


What to Expect from Your DUI Defense


The quicker you contact us, the quicker we can get to work for you.

  • First, you’ll speak with one of our expert attorneys. We answer all your questions and immediately put your mind at ease. There is hope for your case.
  • Then, we jump into action on your behalf. This includes filing the important paperwork needed to fight the criminal charge against you. We also defend against the administrative proceedings that threaten to take away your driving privilege.

  • Your attorneys will do the best anyone can do to get the matter settled out-of-court.

  • If the case goes to trial, we’re with you each step of the way. A team of two attorneys support you at the court appearance. We fight to get you the best possible outcome and know exactly how to make it happen.

Our process includes a careful review all evidence. Plus, we keep you updated throughout the process and are available to answer any questions. We know you are stressed and worried about your future. When you work with us, you get peace of mind that you have a strong team on your side.