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How will you defend yourself against a DUI charge that could wreck your life?

How will you keep from losing your driving privilege, your freedom, your reputation, your job… your whole future?

You could trust the cops and prosecutors to go easy on you… but they won’t.  You could go it alone, speaking up for yourself in court… but you’ll probably lose.  You could call the first lawyer whose ad you see on TV…

… but NONE of these things is likely to be your best way out of the DUI mess.

You need a TEAM of lawyers with experience, expertise, and a proven track record of attacking and defeating the other side’s case against people like you.

And you’ve come to the right place.

Don’t Just Hire A DUI Denver Lawyer…

Deploy An Experienced Team Of Legal And Science Experts

We go to work from the moment we hear from you… even from the moment of your arrest… to passionately defend you by aggressively attacking the other side’s case against you.

For example, one of our attorneys – Emilio De Simone – is a brilliant former engineer and computer scientist, and he knows as much as anyone about the science the other side is trying to use against you.  He’s studied with the people who built the early versions of those tests.  He’ll find the mistakes the other side makes in building their case against you.

Other DUI Law Firm Denver attorneys are former public defenders, with hundreds of successful criminal defenses under their belt.  Whatever the other side throws against you, we’ve seen it, we’ve fought it, and we’ve WON.

Two Heads Are Better Than One

(But With DUI Law Firm Denver, they’re NOT more expensive)

Since the firm’s very-first criminal defense case (in which they prevailed), DUI Law Firm Denver has sent TWO attorneys to court to fight for their clients.

Your DUI case may not have to go to trial.  But if it does, you’ll have two attorneys at the table with you.  You’ll look like a high-profile celebrity… but you won’t pay what a high-profile celebrity would pay.

Emilio will tell you “It may not be the best business policy, since we don’t charge for the second attorney… but two heads are better than one.

While one of your attorneys is addressing the witness, the judge, or the jury… the other is listening, thinking, and planning the next phase of your attack.

Why hire a lawyer just because they spend a lot of money advertising and marketing their services?  Especially when you can get a TEAM of the best DUI attorneys in Denver for the same price?  Or, in many cases, for much less?

Do the math.  It’s a winning formula!


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What You Should Expect

Call us right away.  Here’s what will happen when you do:

  • You’ll speak with an expert attorney who WILL answer all your questions and immediately put your mind at ease.  There IS hope.

  • DUI Law Firm Denver will jump into action on your behalf, filing the important paperwork needed not only to fight the criminal charge against you, but to defend you against the administrative proceedings that threaten to take away your driving privilege.

  • Your attorneys will do the best anyone can do to get the matter settled out-of-court.

  • But if you have to go to trial, that doesn’t scare these guys.  You’ll appear in court with a team of two attorneys who will fight to get you the best possible outcome… and who know exactly how to do that.

Denver DUI Law FirmBecause of the science involved (among other things), a DUI defense case is one of the most complex, involved legal proceedings of all.

DO NOT go it alone.

Call DUI Law Firm Denver FIRST, and right away.  After we answer all your questions, call another attorney or two, if you like.  Then you’ll want to get together with us and get the ball rolling on your defense.

It’s your best possible chance at your best possible outcome.


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