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Did you know that any DUI for a CDL driver in Colorado can result in the loss of your commercial license? Even if you are driving a personal vehicle at the time of the arrest, you could lose your ability to work.
The sentence for a DUI is harsher for CDL drivers. If sentenced for a drunk driving offense, you may lose your commercial license from anywhere between one year and your lifetime. A DUI conviction can end your commercial driving career.

Denver’s CDL DUI Defense Attorneys

If you receive a DUI for driving above the legal limit for alcohol, you may face license suspension and other severe penalties. Protect your rights and career by calling DUI Law Firm Denver. Our defense lawyers have the experience and knowledge to represent your case.
We have successfully defended cases involving CDL drivers facing DUI charges. We will fight hard on your behalf so that you do not suffer the consequences of losing your job or being unable to drive professionally.
We work each step of the way to produce the best possible outcome. We use our extensive knowledge of science and Colorado law to craft carefully thought-out defenses from administrative hearings to criminal proceedings.

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Can I Lose My CDL If Arrested for Drunk Driving?

The answer is yes. You can lose your CDL when convicted of operating a vehicle while intoxicated or impaired from alcohol or drug use.

In addition, it does not matter whether the stop occurred because someone called 911 about reckless driving or law enforcement pulled you over due to traffic violations such as speeding or running red lights. The result of a DUI conviction for a CDL driver is a loss of driving privileges.

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What Convictions Cause Driving Revocation for CDL Drivers?

Any drunk driving offense may lead to CDL driving revocation. If you are a commercial driver, you face strict penalties if caught drinking while driving in Colorado. When driving is your job, one year of driving revocation changes your life.

Types of Offenses:

  • DUI
  • DWAI
  • Refusal to a chemical test after arrest
  • Repeat offenses for DUI, DWAI, or chemical test refusal

Length of Driving Revocation for CDL DUI

License revocation length varies widely, from one year to a lifetime. The timeframe depends on several factors including, blood alcohol concentration (BAC), the specific charges, and whether you have a previous conviction.

Take DUI charges seriously because Colorado law and the prosecution will. Contact us immediately to start building a solid defense.

First Offense DUI – When convicted of an excess BAC while driving a commercial vehicle, the sentence is revocation of your CDL for a minimum of one year. In addition, you lose driving privileges for your non-commercial license for at least nine months. You also face all the other penalties for DUI first-time offenders, including fines, days in jail, points against your license, and public service.

Second Offense DUI – When convicted of a second DUI, you lose your CDL license for your lifetime. A second DUI offense ends your commercial driving career with a lifetime disqualification. In addition, you face the consequences for non-commercial drivers convicted of a second DUI. The penalties include losing all driving privileges for at least one year.

Third or Subsequent DUI Offense – After a third DUI sentence, you lose your CDL for your lifetime. You also face the same harsh penalties for non-commercial DUI offenses, including criminal penalties like jail time. You also lose your privileges to drive a non-commercial vehicle for at least two years.

Chemical Test Refusal – When arrested for a DUI, Colorado law requires drivers to submit to a chemical test. If the driver refuses, they may face one year of driving revocation, which applies to commercial motor vehicle licenses and non-commercial licenses.

Second Offense Chemical Test Refusal – Refusing the chemical test for a second time after a drunk driving arrest results in a lifetime loss of your CDL. You also lose your non-commercial driving privileges for up to two years.

Third or Subsequent Chemical Test Refusal – Like with repeat DUIs, refusing the chemical test after an arrest for the third time results in a lifetime loss of your CDL. In addition, you face revocation of your non-commercial driving privileges for at least three years.

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What Should You do to Protect Your CDL When Arrested for Drunk Driving?

Act quickly when faced with DUI charges. If you’re a CDL driver facing a DUI charge, there are several things you can do to protect your CDL:

  1. Contact Our Office Immediately We know what steps to take to help ensure that your CDL remains intact during these difficult times. Call us right away so that we can begin working toward getting your case dismissed or reduced.
  2. Hire an Experienced Attorney – As experienced DUI lawyers, we know the best defense strategies to apply to your situation. We will advise you on how best to proceed when it comes to defending yourself from this serious crime.
  3. Don’t Help the Prosecution – You do not have to answer law enforcement questions or provide any information. Any information you provide when stopped for a DUI becomes available for the prosecution to use against you.

Work with an Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney to Save Your Career

When arrested for a drunk driving offense as a CDL driver, call DUI Law Firm Denver Denver first. We start work on your case right away to help save your livelihood. Your career is on the line, and you need a legal team with the experience and knowledge to defend and win your case.
At DUI Law Firm Denver, we use our legal knowledge and scientific expertise to find the weaknesses in the other side’s case against you. We understand your rights and the procedures required by law. Our job is to highlight and use any mistakes or failures from the prosecution to produce the best chance to save your career.
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