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The consequences for a third DUI are serious. In almost all cases a third offense DUI remains a misdemeanor charge. However, the consequences for a third DUI are serious. Contact the attorneys at DUI Law Firm Denver quickly for your best shot at a strong defense.

We start work right away to give your case the best possible defense. This includes filing the right paperwork and questioning the procedures used to justify the arrest and charges against you.

The Highest DUI Charge in County Court


A fourth DUI results in a felony charge. This means that the highest DUI charge seen in county courts is the third DUI offense. In other words, prosecutors and judges take seriously a third DUI charge.

It also means that your third DUI charge is only one step away from a felony. A felony conviction has much more serious consequences, including a prison sentence versus jail time. It’s in your best interest to build a strong team to fight a third DUI offense.

Penalties for a DUI Third Offense

For a third DUI offense, Colorado law imposes mandatory jail time. The judge has very limited discretion with sentencing. If convicted of a third DUI, you will serve time in jail.

  • Jail sentence between 60 days and one year in a county jail
  • Two to four years of probation
  • Fine of $600 to $1,500
  • 48 to 120 hours of public service

A third DUI charge can ruin your reputation and wreak financial havoc on your life. It is not something to take lightly. Instead, seek the help you need to build a strong case to avoid the harshest penalties. Even though the judge must sentence according to the penalty range outlined in the law, with the right defense you may be able to achieve the lower end of the penalty range.

How to Fight a Third DUI Charge in Colorado

Your best resource to fight a third DUI charge in Colorado is with the help of DUI Law Firm Denver. We take a team approach with every client. This means, our team of experienced attorneys work together to build your best defense.

We understand you are worried and scared, but don’t let fear paralyze you. Act now to get the support you need to defend your case. have the experience and knowledge to challenge the evidence against you and question the arrest procedures.

What to Expect with DUI Law Firm Denver on Your Side

We’ve handled all types of DUI cases, including many third DUI offenses. No matter your specific circumstances, we’ve seen it all. We have the experience and confidence to manage your case accurately and successfully.

  • Scientific Approach – We have science on our side. Our team has extensive training in the science the other side will use in their case against you. We’ll identify any mistakes made that could aid in your defense.
  • Experience Matters – We’ve handled hundreds of DUI cases and know the details of the law. Our experience and training ensure we use every legal avenue to give you the best defense possible. Our goal is to settle out of court.
  • Two Attorneys in Court – However, if the case goes to court, we always have two attorneys present. This team approach not only looks professional, but it means nothing falls through the cracks. We have the resources present to protect your interests.
Penalty Minimum Maximum
Jail 60 days county jail 1 year county jail
Suspended Jail: additional 1 year county jail additional 1 year county jail
Fine: $600 $1500
Useful Public Service: 48 hours 120 hours
Probation: 2 years 4 years
Points Assessed Agains Driver’s License: 12 points 12 points
Additional Penalties: Level II treatment program required Level II treatment program required

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