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Just “Buzzed?”  You May Face The Same Stiff Penalties As “Drunk” Drivers

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The slightest amount of alcohol or drugs in your system has the potential to affect your ability to operate a motor vehicle.

“I only had a couple of beers,” or “I haven’t smoked since last night” are not things you’d say to a law enforcement officer who’s just pulled you over.

Those statements won’t entice him to go easy on you.

In fact, they’re admissions of guilt.

  • Do NOT tell the officer what you had to drink
  • Do NOT tell the officer when you last drank or used marijuana
  • Do NOT tell the officer when you last drove, if you’re contacted in a parked car

Statements you voluntarily make can definitely be used against you in a DUI or DWAI case.

The other side is counting on your ignorance of the law.  They want the easiest possible case to put you away.

They are NOT on your side.

Don’t make things easier on them!


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We KNOW The Law… And The Science… They’re Using Against You

dui denverDWAI, DUI… What’s The Difference?

  • DUI – “Driving Under The Influence” – is a charge that asserts you were driving with enough alcohol or drugs in your system to render you “incapable” of properly operating a motor vehicle.
    • These days, a drunk-driving case against you is typically built on a scientific foundation – tests of your blood and/or breath – the results of which are interpreted using mathematical formulae to estimate the amount of substance in your blood (your “Blood Alcohol Content,” or BAC).
    • The minimum number that reflects a DUI-level BAC is 0.08 or more.
  • DWAI – “Driving While Ability Impaired” – is a lesser charge based on a finding of a lower BAC level (The threshold number for DWAI is 0.05-0.08).
    • This lesser charge is based on the assumption that you ingested enough substance to have your driving ability impaired “to the slightest degree.”  Not that you were “incapable,” but that you weren’t as capable to drive as you normally would be (without the substance in your system).
    • Think of it this way: If you tell a police officer that you “just had a beer,” you’re also telling a jury that you drank beer and then drove a car, and that you might well have been driving with your ability impaired “to the slightest degree.”

Lesser Charge, Less Penalty… Right?


Not necessarily.

A court can take it easier on a DWAI offender than on a DUI offender.  Home detention instead of jail time.  Lower fines.  Fewer hours of substance-abuse training and community service.

But they don’t have to.

In fact, courts have wide discretion on drunk driving cases.

And they’re under tremendous pressure from anti-drunk-driving groups who want the book thrown at offenders… even first-timers who’ve never been in trouble with the law before.

So don’t assume because you’re “just buzzed,” and not as drunk as you’ve ever been, that you’re going to get off easy.


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Get An Affordable Team Of Experts On Your Side

You Need A Legal Team Who Has DUI Defense Down To A SCIENCE

Don’t hire a random lawyer just because you saw their expensive ads on television.  Don’t go it alone… and above all, DON’T trust the “system” to take care of you.

They are working to put you away.  And they know the subtleties of the law they’re counting on you NOT to know.

To get the best possible outcome, you need an affordable team of experts, well-versed and highly experienced not just with legal cases like yours, but with the science the other side is using against you.

  • One DUI Law Firm Denver attorney – Emilio De Simone – is a brilliant scientist and a tenacious attorney, all rolled into one.  He studied with the scientist who built the very first gas chromatograph in the U.S.  He knows as much as anyone about the science of DUI… how accurate the chemical tests are… where the other side is likely to have made mistakes in the administration or interpretation of those tests… and how to challenge those results to zealously fight for you.  He’s an expert.  In fact, Emilio De Simone is one of only two attorneys in Colorado (and the only one in the Denver area) who’s received the coveted “Lawyer Scientist” designation from the American Chemical Society.
  • The expert team at DUI Law Firm Denver also features former public defenders.  They’ve defended people from all walks of life who’ve been accused of every type of crime you can think of.  They’ve fought and won hundreds of cases.
  • Unlike other lawyers you could call, DUI Law Firm Denver’s policy is to send TWO attorneys to court with you in the event your case has to go to trial.  While one’s arguing, the other is listening, thinking, and planning the next phase of your attack on the prosecution’s case.  It’s a winning formula that’s helped DUI Law Firm Denver get the best possible outcome for their DUI clients, time and time again.
  • And since you won’t be charged for the second attorney, you will get the best defense money can buy… without paying as much as you could pay.  DUI Law Firm Denver’s service is at the top of the range… but their fees are around the middle.
    • You could call a freshly-minted lawyer, just admitted to the bar, and get him or her to defend you for less money.  But will they have the expertise and track record of DUI Law Firm Denver?  Not a chance.
    • You could call a “marketer” lawyer who advertises extensively (and expensively) on television, and you can sometimes find one with a good track record.  After all, they sell a lot of clients.  But they’ll charge you a LOT… sometimes more than double what you’d pay DUI Law Firm Denver, whether or not your case goes to trial.  After all, that marketing-focused lawyer has a lot of advertising bills to pay!


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