How Will A DUI Impact My CDL?

Those holding a CDL license are responsible for driving some of the largest vehicles, oftentimes across the country. With great power, comes great responsibility. Due to the increased risk to the public should such a person choose to drive under the influence, being charged with DUI has serious and far-reaching consequences. Even a Colorado first offense DUI will have a serious impact on your CDL should you be convicted.

Stricter Laws

For those holding a Colorado CDL license, stricter laws regarding driving under the influence apply. Not only, are CDL drivers subject to the standard laws governing DUI, but also are held accountable to additional laws.  Colorado law dictates that those with a CDL license do not drive a commercial vehicle with more a .04% blood alcohol concentration, lowering the legal limit even more for these drivers.  To be found operating a commercial vehicle at or above .04% blood alcohol concentration is a breach of Colorado law, as well as federal law.

What Action Will Cause Me to Lose My Colorado CDL?

Colorado law requires the revocation of your CDL for multiple substance-related offenses, not limited to but including DUI of alcohol or drugs.  Additionally, you may lose your CDL as a result of driving a commercial vehicle with a BAC at or above .04%, committing a hit and run, driving on an expired CDL, or declining to take a DUI chemical test.

First Offense Penalties

If you are convicted of a first offense DUI, you will lose your CDL license for at least one year.  This is only the minimum penalty and other extenuating circumstances may increase your revocation. For example, if you were transporting hazardous materials and are found to be driving under the influence, your penalty will now be a three-year revocation of your CDL.

Second Offense Penalties

If you are convicted for a second offense DUI, the punishment will be much more severe.  A second conviction requires your Colorado CDL to be revoked for life. While this may seem a hopeless situation, after 10 years you may be able to have your CDL reinstated.  In order for your application for reinstatement to be considered, you will need to take the initiative to enroll in and complete an alcohol and drug rehab program. Beware that not just any program will do, the program must be approved by the state of Colorado.  If you find yourself a recipient of grace, be cautious to avoid driving under the influence again. You may have the blessing of one reinstatement, but it is highly unlikely that you will be eligible for reinstatement a second time.

Call the Professionals for Help

If you have a Colorado CDL and face charges for DUI or another related offense, you can’t afford to leave your future to chance.  While all Colorado DUI offenses are serious and carry substantial consequences, those who have a CDL license stand to lose much more.  Don’t be fooled, even a first offense is extremely serious for those with a CDL. Hence, it is critically important to your future and livelihood that you receive legal counsel from a reputable DUI attorney.