Personal Impact of a DUI Conviction

Did you get a little too caught up in your fun time and now face DUI charges?  If you are worried about potential penalties, this is a valid concern. Not only, will you be subject to legal penalties, but a DUI conviction can have serious consequences on your personal life.

Even a first offense DUI carries with it significant legal penalties, such as costly court fees equaling $600-$800, 2 years of probation, as much as a one-year license suspension, drug and alcohol counseling, 12 points on your drivers license, ignition interlock devices, etc. If these consequences are not miserable enough already, consider the impact on your personal life.

Car Insurance Premiums

You may have neglected to consider what a DUI conviction would do to your car insurance. Unfortunately, your insurance company will be aware of your conviction and the result will be greatly increased premiums.  You will likely be paying thousands more per year just to insure your car than someone of similar age without a DUI.

Job Impact

Colorado, and many other states nationwide are employment at will states. This simply means that an employer may fire you without warning for any reason they deem necessary. This law does not allow for discrimination; however, terminating you for being convicted of a DUI is not considered to be discriminatory. Additionally, a DUI conviction gives you a criminal record that any future employer will see when they conduct your background check, potentially preventing you from getting hired.

Higher Education

Your education can be severely hindered if you are convicted of a DUI. If you previously qualified for scholarships, after a DUI this may no longer be the case. Additionally, some schools will even refuse admission to those with a recent DUI conviction.


For those applying for a professional license, a DUI conviction can have a grave impact on their ability to obtain licensure. When applying for a professional license, you will be required to fill out an application and provide information on criminal convictions. Having to admit you were convicted could result in your inability to become licensed or even cause your current license to be revoked.

International Travel

If you enjoy crossing the border to visit Canada and have been convicted of DUI, you may be out of luck. Canada prevents those with DUI convictions from visiting their country for as long as 10 years post-conviction.

Immigrants Beware

If you currently have a Green Card and receive a DUI conviction it may shake out one of two ways. Providing it is a first, second, or third offense without aggravating factors, you will not lose your Green Card. However, if you are convicted of a Felony DUI or obtain a DUI conviction for drug use, you may be deported.

Family Life

For those in the midst of a child custody battle, a DUI conviction can be seriously damaging. It is possible for the other parent to be favored in the custody arrangement once the information comes to light. Additionally, if you are charged for DUI while having a child present in your car you will be subject to charges of child abuse.


Pure and simple, a DUI conviction can have adverse consequences on your job. If you work in a field requiring a security clearance a DUI may make it impossible to renew your clearance or prevent you from being cleared in the first place. This is especially true if you have been recently convicted.

Any DUI conviction can impact your life negatively. Be sure to protect your life, family, and livelihood by allowing a skilled DUI attorney to fight for you!