The App that Could Save You from Getting a DUI


I get it. You’ve been out all night with your friends, sipping on beer, or sharing a few bottles of wine. One drink leads to another and soon you’re trying the imported ales that Dan ordered, or sipping on the freshly poured Cabernet Sauvignon that Becky wanted you to try. Then again, maybe it’s a Sunday and you’re politely accepting a new full-to-the-top brew that’s been put before you in the beer garden of the local bar while you soak in the sun rays because that’s what the weekends are for, right?

Sure. There’s nothing wrong with that. But pretty quickly it all adds up. While most of time it’s easy to keep track of exactly how much you’ve been drinking, other times it just isn’t — You had one beer three hours ago, and two wines one hour ago, and while you’re finishing off your third Corona of the day, you’re thinking that if you just wait a few more hours that you’ll be fine to drive yourself home.

But will you be? The question plagues most of us as our bodies relax into the familiar shape of the driver’s seat and we turn on the ignition already dreaming about how comfortable our bed will be. But when a red light flashes in our rear view mirror, our bodies flood with adrenaline. Turns out it’s just a massage parlor sign saying that it’s open, but still the first thought that hits our body is: Am I OK to drive? And can you confidently say that you are?

Well, now you can. For a few years now the Colorado Department of Transportation has had an app that they’ve continued to upgrade that will tell you if it’s safe for you to drive. Entitled “R-U-Buzzed”, the app is downloadable to all android and iOS users and can tell you if it’s OK to drive.

This app is different from other technologies that have claimed to help you avoid drunk driving, like the home breathalyzer. These devices are expensive, and not likely to be on your person when you need them to be. Plus, their production isn’t standardized and could possibly be misleading. But with the R-U-Buzzed app, it’s all on your phone, it’s easy to access and, best of all, it’s free.

It’s also very simple… once downloaded, the app prompts you to add information about your weight and gender. Then you can add the drinks you are consuming as you go through the night. Or, if that’s not your style, you can enter all the drinks you’d had at the end of the night when you’re thinking about going home. The app will then tell you if you’re ready to drive.

If you are, then great! If not, don’t worry! The app will also tell you when you are ready to drive by giving you an estimated waiting time before it recommends getting behind the wheel.

So, next time, why not leave the DUI worries behind with the rest of the work-week and simply enjoy your weekend and all the drinks it has to offer?