The Best Ways to Avoid a DUI During Your New Year’s Celebration

As Christmas has just passed, most of us are beginning to make plans for the next big holiday; New Year’s Eve.  Research has shown that as much as 30% of people tend to go out to either friend’s homes or a bar to celebrate the holiday each year.  It is commonly known that NYE is one of the biggest drinking holidays of the year.  Thus, law enforcement will be vigilantly patrolling the Denver area during this holiday to enforce drunk driving laws.

With this in mind, it will be imperative that you prepare in advance to avoid the hefty penalties that come with a DUI or DWAI charge.  Not to mention, do you really want the injury or death of an innocent person on your hands? Don’t be a part of next year’s statistics; take steps to avoid putting yourself and others at risk by abstaining from drinking and driving!

Utilize a DD

The age-old adage of preparing in advance to find a designed driver may not be new advice, but it is still one of your most effective ways to avoid drunk driving.  Be sure to have a friend or family member who is willing to take one for the team.  Within some friend groups, there will be one friend who doesn’t enjoy drinking anyhow and will be happy to ensure everyone makes it home safe.  Offer to take turns being the DD.  For instance, offer to be the DD for Saint Patrick’s Day festivities if your friend is willing to do so for NYE.

Call and Uber

In a suburban area, there is really no excuse for drunk driving with all the transport services available.  If you do not have a friend willing to be your DD, play it safe and call an Uber, Lyft, or cab.  Consider splitting the cost amongst your friends.  In the event, your DD does not stick to his or her word this can be a great backup plan.  Everyone wins, you will arrive home safely, and the entire group is free to let loose for the night.

Forget the Alcohol Run

You may be wondering what to do if your party runs out of alcohol and there is no one sober enough to safely go purchase more.  It’s simple, contact an alcohol delivery service to bring the booze to your door.

Host the Party

If you are planning on having a lot to drink, consider volunteering to host the gathering for your friends and family.  This ensures you won’t be alone and that you will not have to leave your house since you’re already there!

Track Your Consumption

In today’s age of advanced technology, tracking your drinks can be as easy as picking up your smartphone.  There are countless apps that can be used to track exactly how many drinks you have consumed, as well as your approximate BAC based upon the information you provide.  These same apps can even call a friend or ride for you in the event you are too far gone to do so yourself.  Be sure to do your research in advance so you can be well prepared for NYE.

Purchase a Breathalyzer

As goofy as this trick may sound, it can be a wise way to ensure you are safe to drive.  Typically, a decent breathalyzer can be purchased for around $100, and once again the smartphone can be your friend as smart-phone based options are available.

In the event you or someone you know gets a bit too carried away at the moment, leading to a DUI charge, be sure to contact a skilled Denver DUI attorney to represent your case!