Two Heads Are Better Than One

Two Heads Are Better Than One

Some time ago, in the earlier days of my legal practice, my teammates and I were asked to take on a defense case which the client felt was not going well.

He was right.  In all likelihood, that trial was headed toward a bad outcome for the client.

I’m happy to say that, with the help of my excellent fellow attorneys, we were able to turn things around.  The client’s previous attorneys – and others, no doubt – might’ve thought we wouldn’t stand a chance.  But, in the end, we were able to prevail on behalf of a very grateful client.

And I learned some valuable lessons about defending the rights of good people who, for whatever reason, get into trouble and get upside-down with the law.

One of those lessons was the value of the old adage, “Two heads are better than one.”  It may go without saying, but if you’re on trial to defend your good name, your fortune, and your future, you’d be better served by two lawyers on your side than you’d be with just one.

That experience led to the development of our unique “team” approach at DUI Law Firm Denver, by which we never let a DUI defendant go to trial with a single lawyer on their side.  We send two attorneys to court, every time.

Because when it comes to DUI defense, two heads really are better than one.

A Rock Star’s DUI Defense For The Average Joe

When a celebrity entertainer or other high-profile person gets pulled over and charged with DUI, or otherwise experiences an incident that puts them at odds with the legal system, they can afford a team of lawyers and the best defense money can buy.

That doesn’t mean the celebrity will “get off” unjustifiably, or that justice won’t be served.  What it means is that they may increase their chance of getting the best possible outcome from their case.

At my firm, we believe the average person is entitled to the best possible chance, too.

If you’re charged with DUI, there’s usually a fair possibility that your case won’t actually have to go to trial.  If the other side has made any mistakes in building their case against you, a good team of DUI defense attorneys will find those mistakes and, in many cases, negotiate a favorable out-of-court outcome.

But for cases that do have to go to trial, our firm’s policy is to send two attorneys to court with our clients who’ve been charged with DUI.

When you have a team working with you in court, you always have at least one attorney listening, thinking, and helping plan the next phase of your attack on the case against you… even when one of your attorneys is questioning a witness or presenting an argument.

We don’t charge our clients for the second attorney, so I suppose our team approach isn’t necessarily the best for our firm’s business.  But I learned long ago that the team approach is best for our clients.  For their good names, their fortunes, and their futures.  And that’s what matters most.