What is DUI Probation?

DUI probation is a consequence of a DUI conviction. This consists of supervised and unsupervised probation. If you face a conviction for DUI or DWAI, some type of probation will be nearly unavoidable. Mandatory probation will be required for any second time or more offender.  It is at the court’s discretion to determine whether a first-time offender should face probation, but as a general rule, the court system rules in favor of probation in any DUI or DWAI conviction.

Unsupervised Probation Requirements

Unsupervised probation is only ordered under very specific circumstances.  This type of probation is generally the exception, not the rule.  For most, this will not be an option.  Speak with your attorney to determine if your case could realistically qualify for unsupervised probation.  Many courts and judges will not make this ruling under any circumstances.  This type of probation is preferable as you can avoid paying probation monitoring fees, as well as avoiding attending weekly/monthly meetings with a probation officer.  Other benefits include leaving the state without permission and the avoidance of required monitored sobriety.  Understand that you will still be subject to completing all probationary requirements as outlined by the courts but will only be required to present proof of completion to the courts instead of an assigned probation officer.

What Does a Colorado DUI Entail?

Colorado DUIs may carry with them mandatory supervised probation.  Depending upon the specifics of the case, time frames for probation will differ.  Typically, a first offense DUI will require a probation period of zero to two years, while repeat offenders will face more severe consequences resulting in probation lasting two to four years.

DUI probation requirements will be determined by the unique circumstances of your case.  Although, generally, supervised DUI probation may include a combination of conditions.  It is common to be required to attend monthly probation meetings, as well as pay a monthly supervision fee or add the fee in addition to your court costs. To encourage sobriety, you may also be subjected to supervised chemical testing of the urine and/or breath.  Colorado commonly requires the completion of an alcohol and/or drug treatment program.  Furthermore, you may be required to attend a victim impact panel class for two or three hours per class.  This is to help humanize the victims of drunk driving and deter further behavior of this nature.  Many DUI offenders are required to complete community service determined by the courts after reviewing the details of your case.  In addition to the above penalties, you will likely be subjected to mandatory reporting requirements dictated by the terms of your probation and your assigned probation officer.

Probation requirements are serious and can severely change your life.  These penalties are added on top of license penalties which most often include restriction or revocation.  Many of these penalties will cost you extra money on top of court costs as you are forced to pay for them yourself.

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Facing the probation penalties may be scary and overwhelming, thus it is crucial to receive the assistance of competent legal counsel to walk you through the process.  Hiring an experienced lawyer will be important in ensuring the best outcome for your DUI charges.