Will A DUI Affect My Insurance?

If you have recently been charged with a DUI, you likely have many questions. By now you are probably aware that you will lose your driver’s license. You may be impatiently waiting to qualify for reinstatement. However, you may have many questions about what all that will entail. A common concern is the impact a DUI will have on car insurance. According to Emilio De Simone at DUI Law Firm Denver, you have an exceptionally good reason to be concerned as the answer is “yes, a DUI will in fact affect your insurance. It will likely have an effect on your insurance for a couple of reasons.” Continue reading to learn more about common repercussions to your insurance resulting from DUI.

Understanding SR22 Insurance

Simply put, most people who are convicted of DUI will have their driver’s license revoked. Thus, when you become eligible for your license to be reinstated, you must carefully follow the regulations of the Colorado DMV if you wish to get your DL back. As such, obtaining SR22 insurance is one of the important steps you must take in order to have your license reinstated and is also one of the primary reasons why your insurance rates maybe negatively impacted by a DUI. Emilio De Simone at DUI Law Firm Denver explains this best stating that, “the division of motor vehicles will require SR22 in order for you to reinstate your license. Your insurer will generally charge more for SR22 and as such it presents the first reason for a rate hike.”

Additional Insurance Impacts

Being convicted of a DUI is extremely serious. As such, you may face a variety of unpleasant legal repercussions, in addition to personal and professional consequences. If loosing your license, ability to drive, relationships, and possibly even your job wasn’t enough, you should also expect to take a financial hit as well. Court cases cost money to fight, and DUI convictions often result in pricey fines, as well as significant insurance increases. Emilio De Simone at DUI Law Firm Denver echoes this idea sharing that “your insurance rates may increase because an insurance company may view you as a higher risk client due to your DUI.”

Simply put, insurance companies have a data base that reveals every single driving offense on your record. So even if you don’t readily provide an agent with this information, they will find out. It is completely reasonable to expect your current insurer to either raise your premium or drop you altogether. Emilio De Simone at DUI Law Firm Denver supports this idea stating that “some insurance companies will drop you if you get a DUI. You may be looking elsewhere for insurance.”

As it turns out, it is well within their legal right to do so. Once you are considered a high-risk driver, finding and affording insurance may be two of your biggest obstacles to getting back on the highway. While your future may seem bleak in the beginning, making good driving choices going forward can help you earn your way back into the good graces of insurance companies. Within 3-7 years, you can expect the impact of a past DUI to be minimized significantly.

If you are currently facing charges for DUI, the resulting consequences of a conviction are far too serious to leave the outcome up to chance. Make your next call to an experienced DUI defense attorney who can fight for you and help to better the outcome of your case!