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Criminal Defense Denver

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Of course, this is serious.

At DUI Law Firm Denver, we appreciate the stress you’re going through when you’ve been charged with a crime.  Maybe they look at you with great new suspicion, both at home and at work.  Maybe you’re worried about going to jail, or risking your marriage, or losing the very future you’ve worked to build.

We want to defend good people who’ve been charged with crimes, and to help them get the best possible outcomes for their criminal cases.

In fact, we want to aggressively attack the prosecution’s case against you.

That’s why we’ve assembled a unique and unparalleled team of legal and scientific experts.  Professionals who know the law and the science the other side is using against you, and are fearless in their pursuit of justice for their clients.

From former public defenders who’ve “seen it all” (and who’ve amassed an outstanding record in defending against criminal charges) to a brilliant former engineer who’s one of only two Colorado attorneys to receive the coveted “Lawyer Scientist” designation from the American Chemical Society… the pros at DUI Law Firm Denver stand ready to bring their unique expertise to the fight for you.


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Get Smart Experts Into The Fight… On Your Side

No Matter The Criminal Charge…

  • DUI, DUID, or other charges threatening your driving privilege

  • “White-Collar” crimes, such as computer hacking or financial offenses

  • Felonies

  • Gun crimes

  • Accusations of theft or robbery

  • Allegations of violent crimes

  • Domestic abuse or assault charges

  • Probation violation

  • Crimes of indecency or obscenity

  • Obstruction of justice

  • “Drunk and Disorderly” or violations of open container laws

  • Domestic violence

  • Sexual assault

… We’re Here To Help You RIGHT NOW.

Criminal Defense DenverCall us right away.

We will immediately get to work on your behalf, putting in the hours to learn everything possible about the prosecution’s case against you.

And we’ll immediately begin building your best possible defense by finding ways to fearlessly and tirelessly attack that case.

At DUI Law Firm Denver, we understand that even the accusation of a crime can turn people against you.  In some cases, even people you’ve known and trusted for years… friends… co-workers… even family members can start to see you differently.  And they may even seem to abandon you in your darkest hour.

We won’t.

From the time you call for your first no-cost, no-obligation consultation, DUI Law Firm Denver will be prepared to stand with you, to stay at your side throughout the process, to bring you as much comfort and confidence as possible… and to get you the best possible resolution to your case.


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The Problem Won’t Go Away… And Neither Will We

We’re On Your Side, Even After The Verdict

Even if you’re convicted (hopefully of a reduced charge, thanks to our tireless expert work on your behalf), our team is still there for you.

We’ll continue to work hard on post-conviction remedies… getting your records sealed (or expunged)… aggressively pursuing your appeals… even getting you off probation earlier than anticipated.

Can your penalty or sentence be reduced?  Can the offense be removed from your record?

If so, we’ll fight to make it happen.

You Are NOT Alone

In fact, if DUI Law Firm Denver’s team of experts can’t get your case settled out-of-court… if you have to go to trial… we will always send TWO attorneys into the courtroom with you.

That’s a winning policy that’s helped us get great outcomes for defendants from the very first criminal case we took on.

We know two heads are better than one… and while one of your attorneys is addressing the court, or the witness, or the jury… the other is tuned-in to reactions and thinking about how to best take the case to the next level on your behalf.

And since we don’t charge for the second attorney, you will be getting the best defense money can buy… but your legal fees won’t reflect it.

We are eager to defend you.  Call us today, and we’ll go to work doing just that.


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DUI Law Firm Denver.  “Just Because You Did It… Doesn’t Mean You’re Guilty.”