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DUI Law Firm Denver is a full-service law firm that provides legal services to individuals and businesses in Denver, Colorado and surrounding areas. We offer an expert criminal defense. As our name indicates, we specialize in DUI defense.

We also use our knowledge of Colorado law and the science behind the law to represent clients facing all types of criminal charges. Our attorneys provide our clients with high-quality legal representation backed by a track record of success.


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Our lawyers have extensive experience handling cases involving all types of charges:

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Serious Criminal Charges Need A Strong Defense Team On Your Side

The first step toward defending yourself against serious criminal charges is hiring a legal team who has the skills necessary to defend you effectively. DUI Law Firm Denver provides aggressive yet compassionate legal counsel to those accused of committing crimes. We understand the criminal justice system and put that knowledge to work for our clients.


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Common Types of Criminal Charges We Represent

What Is A Criminal Charge in Colorado?

A crime is a violation of federal, state, or local laws. Typically, crimes occur when an act or omission by one person harms another person or their property. The harm can be physical, emotional, or financial. A crime may involve only one victim or many victims. A criminal offense in Colorado can include both misdemeanor and felony charges.

Colorado laws carry harsh penalties for criminal charges including fines, jail time or prison time, community service, and loss of other rights. When you face formal charges, you need a strong criminal lawyer on your side to build an effective defense.

What Are the Penalties for A Criminal Conviction in Colorado?

Penalties vary depending upon the type of charge, whether it’s a misdemeanor or a felony, and how much alcohol was involved.

In general, if convicted of any crime, you will receive some combination of these punishments:

  • Fine

  • Incarceration
  • Probation
  • Community service

What is a Misdemeanor Charge

Misdemeanors are less severe than felonies but still result in significant consequences such as fines, probation, and possible incarceration. Some misdemeanors require court appearances while others do not.

If you face a misdemeanor charge, contact our skilled attorneys immediately to explore the best options to avoid conviction.

What is a Felony Charge?

Felonies are more serious than misdemeanors because they often lead to longer sentences and higher fines. You could also lose certain civil liberties like voting privileges and gun ownership.

Depending on the circumstances surrounding your arrest, there are different degrees of seriousness associated with each class of felony. Contact DUI Law Firm Denver right away to discuss your situation.

Work with Denver’s Expert Criminal Law Firm

At DUI Law Firm Denver, we believe every person charged with a crime deserves a strong defense. We work with each client to help them get the best possible outcomes for their criminal case.

In fact, we will build an aggressive defense to attack the prosecution’s case against you.
Our team includes unique and unparalleled legal and scientific experts. We are a team of legal professionals who know the law and the science the other side is using to build their case against you.

How to Choose the Right Defense Lawyer in Denver, Colorado

When choosing a criminal attorney in Denver County, it is important to consider several factors:

  • Experience – Consider the number of years and type of legal experience the team offers. Ask about the specific types of cases they have represented in Colorado. Determine the level of experience the team has both settling out of court and representing clients in court.

  • Fees – This is where things start getting tricky. Ask for clarity regarding fees associated with your defense and what that includes. You want a fair price while also securing an expert defense.

  • Availability – Determine when the legal team can meet with you. Will you have to wait weeks for an appointment, or can you speak with someone quickly? Also, does the legal team have the staff to adequately meet the needs of your case?

  • References – Contact former clients directly. Find out whether they were satisfied with the service provided by the firm. Also, find out whether they recommend the legal firm to others.

The bottom line is to not just settle for the first criminal defense lawyer you come across. Instead, invest in a defense attorney with proven results and a reputation for success.

Be wary of cheap deals offered by non-lawyers. Many times, these individuals offer low prices simply because they know that many potential clients won’t bother checking references. But when you’re dealing with serious legal matters, you need a reliable team on your side.

At DUI Law Firm Denver, we have the experience, availability, and references to give you confidence that when you work with us, you receive a top-notch defense.

Dedicated to Protecting Your Rights

The Denver criminal defense attorneys at DUI Law Firm Denver, never take our job lightly. Our primary area of practice is DUI and drug defense, but we also defend a wide range of criminal cases.

The biggest threat when facing criminal charges is the protection of your rights. The law dictates specific procedures that law enforcement, prosecuting attorneys, and the court must follow. We look for any violations of these procedures when we build your case.

DUI Law Firm Denver is dedicated to protecting the rights of individuals facing serious charges or allegations. We work tirelessly to achieve positive results for our clients. We assist with all aspects of your case from the preliminary hearing to negotiating a plea deal and more. Call us now to schedule a free consultation!

Why Choose Us as Your Criminal Defense Attorney?

We understand how difficult this time can be. It’s natural to feel anxious and worried about the future. That’s why we make sure to keep you informed throughout every step of the process.

When you choose DUI Law Firm Denver, you get more than just representation; you get peace of mind. Our attorneys are highly skilled professionals who dedicate themselves to providing exceptional client care through criminal defense services.

  • Quick Response – We immediately get to work on your behalf, putting in the hours to learn everything possible about the prosecution’s case against you. Plus, we start right away building your best possible defense by finding ways to attack their case fearlessly and tirelessly.

  • Assistance After the Verdict – Even if you face a conviction, our team is still there for you.
    We continue to work hard on post-conviction remedies, like getting your criminal record sealed or expunged, aggressively pursuing your appeal, and getting you off probation earlier than anticipated.

  • Two Attorneys in Court – If you go to a jury trial, we always send two attorneys into the courtroom with you. That’s a winning policy that’s helped us achieve great outcomes for defendants. While one attorney addresses the court, witnesses, or the jury the other tunes in to reactions and strategizes the best way to take the case to the next level on your behalf.

  • Experienced TeamOur team includes former public defenders who’ve amassed an outstanding record in defending against criminal charges. Plus, our team includes a brilliant former engineer who’s one of only two Colorado attorneys to receive the coveted “Lawyer Scientist” designation from the American Chemical Society. We understand the criminal defense process.

  • Personalized Defense – We create a custom defense strategy for each criminal defendant and each case. We evaluate the specifics of your charges and the evidence against you to build a strategic defense designed to achieve a favorable outcome.

The pros at DUI Law Firm Denver stand ready to bring their unique expertise to the fight for you.


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